Sandstone Counseling Services, LLC

Sandstone Counseling Services does court ordered, only, custody evaluations.  These are done privately for a $3,000 retainer at $150 per hour or through the court system.  The process of each evaluation is different, as no two cases are the same.  Sandstone Counseling Services only does these when asked by attorneys or the court.  Please, speak with your attorney or judge about these cases.  Cases are only done for DR (Domestic Relations) cases involving child custody.  Also, we are not private investigators, guardian ad litems, etc.  If you have questions about the process, please speak with your attorney.  We also reserve the right to refuse service at any time during this process.  If your, private, case is terminated by us for refusal to cooperate, you will be given a final bill, any remaining retainer money (assuming there is any), and any case work will be forwarded to attorneys.  As this is a last resort, attorneys will be contacted beforehand to discuss this possibility. 

Custody Evaluation, Parenting Recommendation