Sandstone Counseling Services, LLC

Phone coaching is offered to DBT clients only.  In a crisis a client is able to call for a quick reminder of skills to use in said crisis.  This phone call is less than 5-10 minutes and is NOT therapy.  While we will make every attempt to be available, no one can be available 24/7.  Please, be sure that you have other resources available in the case that your therapist is not.  If you are unsure of options, please, speak with us and we will attempt to help guide you.  Please be ready to answer questions regarding the nature of the problem that you are having, the skills you have already attempted, and the skill with which you need assistance.  Please, remember that phone coaching should not be utilized, and is otherwise unavailable, for 24 hours after self-harm.  Phone coaching should be utilized prior to unskillful behavior.

Phone Coaching, please!