Sandstone Counseling Services, LLC

DBT Skills Group

DBT Skills group is every Thursday night for ADULTS and Wednesday for Adolescents, at our offices, starting promptly at 6:15 and ending at approximately 8:15.  Group requires a $30 workbook that may be purchased from SCS, Amazon, or elsewhere, for a link please see below.  This group is an educational therapy group rather than a processing group.  We learn about the skills that will help us to succeed in our treatment, but do not share "our story."  That isn't to say that we don't share experiences.  We do.  We just do so in a very mindful way.  This group is open, however, it does require active involvement in individual therapy with a DBT clinician.  Please have your clinician send us a referral.  This group also requires a 15 minute "orientation" for those who join the group after the initial date.  Don't worry if you don't join then, though, as this group is cyclical (it repeats itself) and recycles all content in 6 months.  This group does require a 6-12 month commitment, at least.  Group is $75 per person.  Insurance may or may not cover this group.  It is up to YOU to figure out what your specific insurance will or will not cover.  SCS is not responsible to figure out insurance for you.  Also, you are billed for EVERY group, even if you choose not to attend.  This is in lieu of being charged a full upfront fee of almost $2,000.  This model of therapy, and group, are considered Intensive Outpatient Therapy.  Please be mindful of this when thinking about cost vs. benefit.

**Parents - you are expected to be engaging in Parent Coaching if your child is involved in this group.  Please, speak with your child's therapist about this.